Ballet for Ballroom - Two Left Feet Dance Lessons

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Ballet for Ballroom

Ballet for Ballroom is an advanced, one-hour class for Ballroom dance technique. Learning the basics of ballet inproves all movement because it is the foundation of all movement. You may have heard of professional football players learning ballet to reduce injuries on the football playing field. Yes, this technique works well because it improves the mind/body connection for anyone who play sports. You can invite your own group or team to take private, Beginner Ballet Lessons. 407-297-9048 You can choose to use ballet shoes or dance in cotton socks. This class is also considered by many to be a good weekly workout.

Ballet for Ballroom - How to Spin: If you have been dancing ballroom for at least one year, this class can be a part of the above ballet for ballroom lesson. The basic class will be shortened to 30 minutes and the spin technique will happen in the last 30 minutes of class.

a) correct dance frame - to focus on where energy comes from.
b) the waist and how to move.
c) the shoulders for increased spin speed.
d) foot placement for a good foundation.
e) how to use arms for increased balance.
e) head weight for form and emphasis.
f) spotting to avoid getting dizzy when you spin.

This class is not only for followers, but leaders who want to improve their ballroom technique as well. Call now for your appointment or questions. 407-297-9048

Please Note: Because of the use of Smart Meters in the Orlando area, traveling dance lessons have been cancelled to private homes.

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