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Best Dance Lessons Orlando

Best Dance Lessons Orlando. If you want personal attention, then schedule a private dance lesson now. Please call: 407-297-9048 You won't be lost in a group dance lesson. Group lessons move very fast. Before you understand the first step they are moving on to the second step. What can you do? Hire Diana Jo Rossano, social dance instructor to make sure you are comfortable with the first step before moving on to the next step. There is lots of review time included in every dance lesson when you need it. This is how your confidence grows through each and every dance lessom. Relax. You are in the hands of a professional who has been teaching most of her life, and started teaching Ballroom and Wedding dance lessons since 2007.

Best Dance Lessons Orlando is affordable. If you take one dance lesson at a time, the price is $60 an hour. If you take a package of five dance lessons, then the hourly rate drops to $45 an hour for up to two people in the same dance lesson. Don't worry about strangers watching your dance lesson and becoming self concious because no one else will see your dance lesson except the cat - and we'll throw her outside to play with her friends the lizards. (she loves it!)

Don't know how to lead? Diana Jo Rossano, social dance instructor, fixes that with exact leading information and demonstrating the skills you need. If you cannot hear the beat in the music, then do not worry because that can be fixed, too. It takes a few private dance lessons with Best Dance Lessons Orlando and you will be on your way to all the fun that comes along with being on the dance floor dancing to the music you love.

Ballroom dancing is a group of dances. It can be compared to saying, "I love apples." What kind of apples? Red delicious, Honey Crisp, Granny Smith? When you say, "I love ballroom." What kind of ballroom dance. Is it the swing? How about the waltz? Like salsa dancing? Prefer country western two step? All of these dances are included in the heading of "ballroom.dancing"

Best Dance Lessons Orlando is by appointment only. Have your calendar available to find a date that works for you. A dance partner is NOT required. Call now for your reservation. 407-297-9048 - no texts please.
Best Dance Lessons Orlando
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