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Group Dance Lessons

Group Dance Lessons for your family and friends are by appointment only. Sorry, no regular group dance lessons happen at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. How does this work? Invite all your favorite people, call Diana Jo Rossano to teach all of you at her home dance room. It is a smile a minute.

Would you like to save money on private dance lessons? Then divide the cost for a group of your friends. A private group dance lessons is designed for your group. Slow members aren't left behind.

The pricture on this page is a Private Group Dance Lessons for a ladies salsa group. These ladies giggled so much that one woman got the hiccups! They decided to be very creative. How? Well, each lady learned how to lead and how to follow!

When men are not available, ladies take over the dance floor and take the lead. These girls definitely proved their versality. Each woman left the private group dance lessons with a new respect for men who lead them dancing because they know - first hand - the responsibility of the lead.
So, call now to learn how to giggle - rather -- learn how to dance the salsa or other dance in private group dance lessons. 407-297-9048 Couple dances are taught, too. Lounge dancing and of course, Ballroom dance lessons.

Please Note: Because of the use of Smart Meters in the Orlando area, traveling dance lessons have been cancelled.
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