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Learn how to dance

Learn how to dance - Introductory special. Couple or single pay the same price. You can buy lessons one at a time for $60 each or five at a time for $45. each of $225.

Learn how to dance with , dance instructor. She's a social dance instructor to beginner and intermediate dancers. You can learn how to dance quickly. Ballroom for Ballet is for anyone wanting technique.

Lesson Courtesies:
· Same-Day Dance Lesson Cancellations are $15 as a rescheduling fee.
· Please do not forget to cancel dance lessons or be charged for the lesson.
· If you are going to be more than five minutes late, please call 407-297-9048.

The private dance room is 20 minutes north of downtown Orlando, Florida in Altamonte Springs and Longwood, Florida area.  32714. You might call this teaching technique “Dancing on the Right Side of the Brain.” The right side of the brain is thought to be the creative side. The left side of the brain does more calculating jobs like balancing your check book.
If you have trouble remembering steps, have no rhythm or think you have two left feet, then give this creative approach to learn how to dance a try. You might be able to bring out the dancing and creative part of your brain so you can enjoy dancing as a fun recreation, exercise, hobby or past time.
Two Left Feet Dance Lessons does not have two dance lessons happening at the same time. There is never any worry of other dancing classes watching your class or hearing their music to disturb you with your learning how to dance instruction.
Call NOW! 407-297-9048 to make an appointment for your free consultation. Complete beginners is the specialty.

Ballroom, Salsa, Country, Wedding, Swing, Waltz, Lounge and other social dances are taught at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. Please call now to learn to dance in Orlando. Sorry, no line dancing lessons.
Prices are affordable.
Wedding Couple First Dance

Please Note: Because of the use of Smart Meters in the Orlando area, traveling dance lessons have been cancelled.
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Learn How to Dance
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