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Lounge Dance Lessons

Lounge Dance Lessons - Private dance lessons only. Please call: 407-297-9048 - no texts, please. Do you like going to a lounge or bar, but are afraid to get on the dance floor? I have taught many students to help them overcome their fear of the dance floor. We start with free-style dance lessons to get you on the dance floor fast. Next, we try a little bit of couple dancing skills. The cha cha - a fast song - is where I usually like to start because it is a very popular dance for lounge dancing. You can dance the cha cha for fast, medium and sometimes slow music.

My idea is to get you on the dance floor fast. The leader only needs about three dance moves to dance. In my opinion it is better to know three steps very good rather than ten steps very bad. Three steps that are done very good will make you a very good dancer, but ten steps done very bad will make you a very bad dancer. In about five, one-hour private dance lessons you can go from watching to being watched. Yes, your skill can improve fast when you have a private dance lesson. The instant feedback from your dance instructor - that would be me - is what makes the big difference. I never let my students go on the dance floor dancing silly.
Some of my students are older - over 50 - and they need a little more tender loving care to get on the dance floor after taking five lounge dance lessons. For my newbee beginner dancers, I suggest that I go to a dance with them and get them started on the dance floor. I charge for this service - equals one dance lesson - and my dance students are always surprised how much better they feel after going to one dance with me.

Lesson Courtesies:
· Same-Day Dance Lesson Cancellations are $15.
·Please do not forget to cancel dance lessons or be charged for the lesson.
· If you are going to be more than five minutes late, please call 407-297-9048.

So, what are you waiting for? Call now for an appointment. If I am in a Lounge Dance Lessons, your call will go to voice mail. Make sure you leave me a message so I can return your phone call. We will put our calendars together and find a time to start your life-changing experience of Lounge Dance Lessons. 407-297-9048

Other dances I teach:
Dance Calendar (download a PDF file for Where to Dance in Orlando)

Sorry, no line dancing lessons.
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