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Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons: Are you happy about your wedding date or other specail ocassion? Is your date fast approaching? Make time for First Dance Lessons with your fiance to impress everyone at the reception. No it's not as difficult as you may think with a little training and a little practicing - about 15 minutes three or four times a week. You will be amazed how fast you learn! If you are going to a wedding, then we can help you dance at the reception.
Prices for Wedding Dance Lessons:
If you take one, one-hour lesson, the price is $60. The hourly rate drops to $45 per one-hour dance lesson when you sign up for five dance lessons. ($225.) You can pay by charge, but add a $15 processing fee. Sorry, no checks. The five dance lessons will include a few special dance moves: a dance lean, a special trick and of course a dip for the end.

Lastly, you will learn how to bow and courtsey and walk off the dance floor as your audience is applauding and you are all smiles with great delight. As a special, when you buy the five lesson package, you will receive a print out of your choreographed steps and simple music edit. Both are FREE.

Free Wedding Dance Lessons MUSIC Editing:
Your wedding performance song should be edited to about two minutes to two-and-a-half minutes in length.
One song requires - 5 dance lessons (no charge for first edit)
Two-song performance requires - 10 dance lessons
Three-song dance performance requires - 15 dance lessons
Call 407-297-9048 for additional questions.

Wedding Dance Lessons Music Ideas:
Need some ideas of the Best Wedding Music? While you don’t want to copy what other couples do, some ideas would help to inspire you. Sometimes just hearing different music makes you stronger to keep the choice you have or to pick a better song. It should speak love to each of you when you hear it. It is your song, and no one else’s song because it has meaning to the both of you.
Mom & Dad Wedding Dance Lessons:
What do you do for the Best Wedding Music for the Father daughter dance? How about the Mom and Groom dance? This can sometimes prove to be very difficult choice. You can take advantage of a free consultation so you can find some extra input from Diana Jo Rossano, dance teacher.

At your free consultation, you can discuss the difficulty level of the music, slowing the music down, what are the right shoes to wear, do you want a dance trick or how about a dip and much more. Please know that the most important thing about picking the Best Wedding Music is to know that the words are meaningful to you both. Please know that bouncing ideas off another person - like Diana Jo Rossano, dance instructor - can prove to be very beneficial.
Looking for technique ballroom dance lessons? See Ballet for Ballroom.

Please Note: Because of the use of Smart Meters in the Orlando area, traveling dance lessons have been cancelled.
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